Listing Your Home for Sale?

4 Steps to Help Your Interiors Stand Out

1. Pre-Pack

Most of us have quite a lot of “stuff” in our homes. Living amongst family heirlooms, keepsakes, or the minutiae of everyday life is fine as long as you’re comfortable in your own space.

When it comes time to sell, however, all that stuff distracts buyers from really seeing the space they may be buying, and assessing whether it will meet their future needs.

Your first step is to go through each room in your home, including bathrooms, utility spaces and the basement or storage locker. Pack everything you won’t need before moving, and dispose of those furnishings or belongings you no longer want. As you go through each room, make sure your valuables are securely stored, and lock away all paperwork relating to your family’s finances and identities.

When you have finished pre-packing, move all boxes out of your living space if possible. Many storage facilities offer short-term rentals. Another option is to have a portable storage container delivered to your home which, once full, can be moved to a secure facility until you are ready to complete your move.

2. Inspect and Repair

As you go through your home pre-packing, assess each space from a buyer’s perspective and make a list of repairs and touch-ups needed before listing your home for sale.

Start with your front door. If the lock or latch is “tricky” or you have to practically shoulder the door to get it to open, the buyer’s first impression won’t be a good one. Squeaky doors that don’t close properly, rusted floor vents, dripping faucets, overhead lights that don’t work, cracked or broken light switch plates … these are just a few examples of conditions that should be corrected.

You may also want to consider having a registered building inspector complete a home inspection prior to going on the market. With your consent, the inspection report could then be provided to any potential buyer. This increases buyers’ confidence that you, as the seller, are being up front and open about the condition of the property you are offering for sale.

3. Clean, Clean, Clean!

There are few things more appealing to buyers than homes that have been deep cleaned from floor to ceiling, on every level.

Cleanliness gives buyers the impression a home has been well maintained and is “move-in ready”. While cleaning, make sure you also remove all air fresheners, incense and any other scented products. Homes with strong scents often cause buyers to question what the seller is trying to hide.

Don’t forget the outside of your home, either. A buyer’s first impression is made as they approach your front door, and a nice-looking backyard can seal the deal.

4. Hire Professionals

Work with a full-time experienced real estate agent, and allow them to bring in other specialists like stagers and professional photographers to help you prepare your home for sale. You will not only benefit from their expertise, but research shows homes that are professionally staged and photographed sell more quickly. The longer a property stays on the market, the more prospective buyers question what is wrong with it and wonder why it hasn’t sold. It’s also not a lot of fun being listed for sale and having to get out of your home for showings. The sooner your property is sold, the sooner you can get ready for the next steps.

The Bottom Line

Do you have to do any or all of these things? No, you don’t. All homes sell, even those that aren’t “all dolled up”.

But the length of time your home stays on the market has a huge impact on price. And the more attractively your home is presented, the more interest it will generate, which leads to more parties offering, and getting the best possible price you can.

Property condition and property presentation matter if you want to sell quickly and achieve a strong sale price. To do this, your property needs to be impersonal enough for buyers to imagine their belongings in the home. It also needs to be clean and in good condition. Take advantage of the objective perspective professionals offer to help prepare and present your home for sale in today’s marketplace. Their expertise will put dollars in your pockets.

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