Moving? Tips for Helping Your Pets

Despite the work involved, moving to a new home can be exciting and full of promise. You understand what is happening, envision the reward and look forward to settling into your new place.

But what about your pets?

Our pets are usually much-loved members of the family, and a big part of what makes home feel like home. Completely reliant on us for food, shelter, love and security, they don’t understand the mess, the boxes, the changes to the home they know or your increased busy-ness and stress.

So, how can you help them stay calm before, during and after the move?

Over my years of working in real estate (and having moved several times with parrots myself) the following tips will hopefully help your pets before, during and after your move. If you are interested, my latest blog post provides more in-depth suggestions.

Before You Move

✔︎  Let your pets get familiar with packing supplies so they don’t fear them.

✔︎  Try to maintain your pet’s daily routine. It will help reduce their anxiety.

✔︎  Pack everything you need for your pet and ensure the bags or boxes are easily identifiable so you can set up quickly in your new home.

✔︎  Get your pet’s medical records from your vet.

✔︎ Pack a "comfort bag" with your pet’s favourite toys, snacks, blanket, medicine, food and anything else they might need to feel settled during the first few days at your new home.

On Moving Day

✔︎ If possible, move your pet in your own vehicle. You may also want to consider boarding your pet for a few days to minimize their anxiety.

✔︎ When you reach your new home, inspect the inside and outside thoroughly for any safety issues. Holes in a fence, garbage, old paint cans, insect or pest poison traps left by the previous owners, and damaged window screens, are some of the issues that can prove hazardous to your pets.

✔︎ Place your pets in a small bedroom or quiet room with a door, away from the action.

✔︎ Have suitable carriers to move your reptiles, amphibians, birds, rabbits, hamsters and fish, as well as cats and dogs.

Settling In

✔︎ Try to maintain your pets’ routines even while you are settling in, so they know what to expect.

✔︎ Try to unpack efficiently and quickly so your new home looks clean and comfortable, for you and your pets.

✔︎ Don’t leave your pets to explore your new home’s interior and outdoor space alone. Be around them so they feel safe and get comfortable.

✔︎ Make time to play and cuddle with your pet, even while you are busy unpacking.

✔︎ If your pets are anxious and act strange in their new environment, show them you understand. They need your patience and understanding to help them feel at home in your new home.

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