Ten Tips for Sellers

Are you planning to list your home for sale in the near future? If so the summer is a great time to assess how inviting your home would be to prospective buyers and to do updates while the weather is nice. 

Start by going for a walk and looking at the homes around your neighbourhood. Which ones stand out to you? What makes them appealing? 

Returning home, study the front of your own home and property. When a potential buyer arrives, the exterior is their introduction to your home. If your property makes a poor first impression or has limited ‘curb appeal’, it starts the showing on a negative note.

Below, a few tips to improve your curb appeal.

✔︎  Paint your front door.

✔︎  Change your mailbox if your existing mailbox is more than 5 years old or in poor condition. On a budget? If your mailbox is metal you can sand it down and paint it with Tremclad® paint to give it new life.

✔︎  If your entrance door handle and lock are worn or older, change them too. You’d be amazed what a difference new hardware makes to the overall look of the door and the front of a home. 

✔︎  Make sure both the door and the lock(s) open easily. Nothing says "poorly maintained home" like a front door that is difficult to open when potential buyers are trying to get in for a showing.

✔︎ Invest in attractive planters that can be filled with plants in the warm weather, and with decorative branches or lights in the autumn and winter.

✔︎ Update your exterior lights if they are dated, rusted or peeling. Ensure all exterior lights have the same type/wattage of (working!) lightbulbs to provide uniform lighting.

✔︎ Power wash front porches and freshly stain or paint as required. Make sure your paintwork is fresh, (especially the front door) including railings, shutters, and the trim around windows.

✔︎ Ensure your house number is intact, attractive and clearly visible.

✔︎ Weed garden beds and prune shrubs and trees before cold weather arrives.

✔︎ Sweep the driveway, sidewalk and curb in front of your property. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference.


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